Zombie Cafe

1.13.0 for iPhone

Manage a cafe full of zombies!


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Zombie Cafe is a social strategy game in which you will need to manage a cafeteria where zombies and other terrifying creatures work that come out in movies.

The working of this game is similar to those social games available on Facebook and on our mobile phones: you will need to give missions to your workers, not having them get to tired (they might eat your guests if you do), make lots of money and invest it to better your cafe!

When you are making more and more money you will be able to better the appliances of your restaurant because you are able to buy more than one hundred different add-ons. Also you will be able to add your friends and other people to help you make more money, experience and other important resources.

Zombie Cafe is a social management game that is very entertaining that although it doesn't introduce anything new to this kind of genre, it comes with great graphics and a very easy and great mechanics to let you have a great time on your phone for hours!
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